Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I Am Cafe at Haji Lane

A new cafe spotted at Haji Lane
It is one of the store which is halal though they do not have any halal cert

I am...
674 North Bridge Road, off Haji Lane
Singapore 188804
Tel: 62955509
Email: iam.enquiries@gmail.com

Here's what I ordered. 
Cheezy Bombs $6.90

Served hot and just nice.
becareful when you bite! Because it's hot and the cheese inside will "explode" out !
Don't say I never warn you!

However, I just realised that Cheesy Bombs can be found at Sheng Shiong -.-

Now I feel cheated by paying $6.90 for it.

Their desserts.
They got really huge size desserts!

Rainbow Crepe Cake $8.90
I really like this on how they layer the crepes and putting chocolate in each layer as divider !
A must order, plus point for this 

Rainbow Cake $8.90
Disappointed in the cake because it is a little too hard? not soft enough.
I preferred soft cakes though.
And it's too pricey for a small slice of cake.
minus points for this

I will only come back for the Rainbow Crepe
and maybe try their main courses?.

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Ps: this is not a tasting invite.

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